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This time I'm off to London and Barcelona. More posting in a weeks time when I return and get back into a more steady groove...


After a marathon posting session, I will sign off for the next five days as I venture off to sunny California for work. It's quite doubtful I'll have the time to search and post any new videos in that time, but what better clip to leave you with than the demented Goldfrapp new single, Happiness. Directed by Dougal Wilson, we find Alison in inconspicuous supporting roles while the sunshiney concept of happiness gets suspiciously cult-like skewering. Those Goldfrapp kids- so clever! Watch the music video (qt).

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THE KILLS: Cheap And Cheerful

Sophie Muller again rejoins The Kills for their second video from the album Midnight Boom. The video takes the gritty Warholian feel of lo-fi indie film grain and applies the overly maded-up look of rock and roll excess. Blend it the sharp production and jagged lyrics of the half Brit / half American duo and you have splintering fuzzed-out sound of a modern day Jesus and Mary Chain. Watch the music video (qt).

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When your personally commisioned by Hedi Slimane to compose his last mens runway collection for Dior Homme, you kinda know you've already made it with some significantly influential taste makers. Such is the case with London post punksters These New Puritans. Said fashion show features a 15 minute soundtrack so angularly stylish, the press could not help but pay attention. So what was the connection? The apparent link the the fashion design lies with one of the band members being part of Hedi's design team. Quick top deny the overly primped association with high fashion vanity, the band readily distance themselves from being the shallow side of the fashion business, concentrating on the music itself, and not the gloss. This bare and stark video, directed by Saam, is a clear indication. Watch the music video (qt).

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Rounding out the trinity of 3-D music videos comes the incomparable Missy Elliott. The hip hop innovator is due a forthcoming album release (her seventh!) and she gets to officially lay claim to being the very first artist to make a 3-D music video. It's a bumpin' track, co-produced with The Arkitects, and is confirmed to be included on the new long player, not just the Step It Up 2 movie soundtrack. Further she will have a couple collaborations with longtime pal Timbaland. So it's all good. Unfortunately, the only quicktime version I could find is Podcast friendly only. Download the music video (qt).

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MGMT: Time To Pretend

MGMT (formerly know as The Management) are a surf-rock psychedelic glam band outta Brooklyn. And they're very cool. In fact expect to see more of them here, cause I like 'em. This is the first single and video, and it warps the mind as much as the ear with its crazy visuals and stoner sounds. And not to be outdone, the video is also available in trippy 3D as well. Are you getting the feeling the 3-D video thing is becoming a trend? Fellow Brooklynite Ray Tinori directs the video. Watch the music video (qt). Download the 3-D video (qt).

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Okay, so at first I was a bit blase about the Justice album as I really had high expectations riding on the dancefloor destroyers and Kanye West robbers We Are Your Friends and Waters Of Nazareth. I've really warmed to the studio album over the past couple of months, as I've made a more concerted effort to listen to the album as a whole. And it grows. So I'm slapping another Justice video up, also directed by So Me, riffing the lyrics to popular logo designs. Dansez, maintenant! Watch the music video (qt).

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BJÖRK: Wanderlust

You've no doubt heard the hype of this amazing new Bjork video. Directed by Manhattan based art collective Encyclopedia Pictura, not only is the clip a return to the fantastical world of Bjork's earlier music video work, but is considered a return to a golden age of all music videos- iconic, innovative, powerfully influential and musically illustrative. Combining puppetry, computer animation, miniatures and live action, the concept revolves around "creating mytho-poetic cosmology of a primitive world complete with water deities and the struggle towards the future. The main theme being nomadism since it is for the track ‘Wanderlust.’ Unfortunately this version is only in 2 dimensions, but there is the originally concieved 3D version out there... Watch the music video (qt).

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FEIST: I Feel It All

Everyone love Feist right now. Just open up your heart and let her sing and dance her way intp the warm cockles of your heart. She bounces into poptastic indie form with this happy bopper of a ditty and I just love it. It's everything you could want from a pop song, with the idiosyncratic charm that only a artist of original talent can properly assemble. Perhaps its the one too many glasses of red wine I've imbibed, but I'm a bit drunk of Leslie Feist. Watch the music video (qt).

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