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SPEKTRUM: Kinda New (We All Live And Die)

The original track gets a killer remix and release in 2007 by Dirty South. Dazzling neon animations courtesy of Blinkin LAB. This track sharpens the Spektrum sound of 80's inspired electronica funk to a jagged, razor etched sheen to satisfy the South Beach sparkle crowd as well as the assymetricals of Williamsburg. I'm en route back from Brasil. See you soon! Watch the music video (qt).

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My personal hell is nearly over. Appropriately, Ms. Emily Haines provides a melancholy soundtrack to the workworkwork I have been face that past number of weeks, offering a jagged solace to my misery. We'll it will be cresting as of the end of this week, as I board a plane to Sao Paolo for the final chapter of week Hell. Posting will, sadly, be rare again this week and hopefully will resume to normal upon my return. Thanks for tuning in. BTW, this x-rayed inverted video is directed by none other than cliptip favourite, the now London based Jaron Albertin. Watch the music video (qt).

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Have you ever been so overworked that the only thing you want to do after getting home at 10:00pm is go straight to bed? Hence my absence. I really don't have much energy left. Except for goofilicious new ravey "Guntronic - Disco - Warehouse - Rock." Reeking of East London douchbagism, the four piece mix everything that is wrong with kids today and makes it brilliant. Watch the music video (qt).

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EDITORS: The End Has A Start

Second single from the second album, Editors continue to blast angular rock anthems in keys minor. Going neck and neck versus Interpol for most coveted downer rockers, this latest single is showing Editors are indeed fighters. The video, featuring all manner of colourful stocking clad dancers has unusual bursts of colours unexpected from this genre. Director Diane Martel adds straight-faced coal-eyed choreography to Tom Smith's optimistic lyrics. Watch the music video (qt).

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THE GO! TEAM: Do It Alright

Cheerleader pop chants are back in fashion, and the cheeriest of the bunch are Brighton's Go! Team. Signaling a return to the indie charts with a sophomore album of cut and paste awesomeness (entitled Proof of Youth), this is actually the second single, following the Grip Like A Vice EP. The full length album with guest everyone from Bonde Do Role's Marina Ribatski, Solex, and Public Enemy's Chuck D. The video for this single is just a collagist as the production. Yes, its a Brit side stealer just for cliptip viewers. Enjoy! Watch the music video (qt - stream).

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LIARS: Plaster Casts Of Evertything

The calmer ethereal tones of Drums Not Dead are, for lack of better words, dead. The new album by the New York based art rockers returns to the pulsing punk energy and urgency of their original posture. The forth album, the self titled Liars, churns a really shit storm and this first video, direct by Patrick Daughters, is a fitting visualization. Superimposed projection images dopplegange their original subjects as a barreling car motors down a dark desert highways. Surreal, Lynch-esque, terrifying and mesmerizing all in one intense experience. Watch the music video (qt).

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THE BEES: Who Cares What The Question Is?

Sure it seems honky tonky, but its really the next psychedelic single from post-post-retro-rockers the Bees (or as they're called in the US, A Band Of Bees). Again defying their Isle of Wright origins for dusty Americana sounds, the six piece recruit auteur Chris Hopewell to direct this sunshine on the horizon plasticine magic van slash Moby Dick adventure slash city tour bus clip. All I know is this band always looks like they're having fun. Watch the music video (qt).

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