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Sadly, this track is not to be included on their forthcoming album, Intimacy, which in all honesty, is a really lame title for a non-makeout record. This track, as a stand alone, is quite a stand out. It takes Bloc Party's previously jock rocker embraced sound and techno's the fuck out of it. Like some sad play at electroclash. Fortunately, it works. And the video, of rubbery city stomping monsters also plays quite nicely. Especially as the two hero robots start to make out. Directed by Ace Norton. Watch the music video (qt).

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With references to early Detroit techno house sound, the Brooklyn based project helmed by Andy Butler, continues to plow on, sweeping the clubs, runways and ipod nation. Australian director Kris Moyes adds a touch of indie esoteria to this gem of a single, while fully featuring the stunning looks and vocals of Brooklyn chanteuse Nomi. Watch the music video (qt).

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EBONY BONES: Don't Fart On My Heart

What the hell are we doing blogging about a British TV soap actress? Are we talking another Kylie Minogue part tartlet here? Well no, in fact. We are talking about the insanity that is Ebony Bones, the musical stage name of actress come musician Ebony Thomas, and this track is an indication of why she deserves our attention. Wild lyrics, untamed vocal antics and a style and image so glamour-puss acid, we can't help but pay attention. We're not alone as Ebony was nodded by i-D magazine as the best UK unsigned act. Don't think she'll be unsigned much longer... The gorgeous video is a work of TEAR, a visual duo we will have our eye on. Watch the music video (qt).

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THE TING TINGS: Shut Up And Let Me Go

It was as inevidible as they are unavoidable, the Ting Tings are ruling the electro pop stratosphere. And while I have been doing my best to avoid furthering their global takeover, they are as infectious as an East Hastings crackwhore. So here is that ridiculously catchy iPod tune, with a proper music video courtesy of the lens of Alex and Liane. Enjoy! Watch the music video (qt).

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LYKKE LI: Breaking It Up

Swedish indie darling Lykke Li is here to break it up. This poptastic single straddles the indie pop credibility with production nods to Peter Bjorn and John's Björn Yttling and a booty shaking beat worthy of electro kid gyrations. The video is a smokey collection of Factory-esque ennui, moopy dancing and Warholing on-screen preening. From her excellent debut album, Youth Novels. Watch the music video (qt).

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GRACE JONES: Corporate Cannibal

The 80's icon is back to eat you! Lifted off her forthcoming 10th studio album, Hurricane, the cultish beat will undoubtedly appeal to the high gloss, high drama fashionista set. Nick Hooker captures the still stunning, still angular lines of Ms. Jones is a heavy distortion black and white fever dream of rumbling basslines and menacing glares. "I consume my consumers... with no sense of humour." Pure Grace! Watch the music video (qt).

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REX THE DOG: I Can See You, Can You See Me?

British electro-house canine, Rex The Dog, are set to release their debut album. To set off the collection, they unleash this first single accompanied by an adorable animated video. From the forthcoming album, expect new singles, previously released tracks and a clutch of their favourite remixes of other artists' tracks, including The Knife and The Sounds. Watch the music video (qt).

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Well it seems I have some time to update this blog. And there is a pretty cool backlog of high quality videos to post, so let's get started with Jamie Lidell's latest soul groove. Although the new album steers clear of the earlier electronic noodlings of previous Super_Collider work or even his first solo effort of warped experimentations, the sing-a-long soul of this positive single is hard to resist. Directed by Timothy Saccenti, see if the light-box stepping antics remind you a certain Michel Jackson Billy Jeansing. Watch the music video (qt).

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