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SIA: Buttons

Sia seems to be a subject for self abuse. This video, in collaboration with fellow Australian Kris Moyes, is a perfect demonstration of that hog-tied, condom-over-head wearing, double-sided tape face melting mentality. But her collaborations have usually been top shelf: multiple silky down tempo wondertracks with Zero 7 and the recent killer dance floor stormer with Lauren Flax. But now that old self abuse habit seems to have kicked in with the news of collaboration with pop strumpet Christina Aguilera. Admittedly, Christina has some of the best pipes in pop music, but the oily slickness of top forty overwrought production still hampens any zeal for artistic credibility. I suppose its all a process. On that note, cliptip darlings Ladytron and Goldfrapp are also rumoured to be ensnared in Ms. Aguilera's coolness diluting web. Time will tell. Watch the music video (qt).

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