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LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: North American Scum

It is a rare occasion indeed when I post a flash based video. The quality of the video is often poor, but in this case, I could not resist. One of my favourite bands, the LCD Soundsystem, is about to set loose a brand new sophomore cd, The Sound Of Silver, onto an unsuspecting global underground. Well, probably not too unsuspecting, as there is a pronounced cult-like following to James Murphy and co. The track laments the band's oft confused origins. How can some American band sound so good? Well, they are that bloody good for me to post a flash based MySpace video. That good. This track's chorus has gorgeous glam rock howls that makes me wanna bolan boogie. Witness the foil coated Warholian factory meets Space Odyssey 2001 lunar landing music video. Cheers to Danyon for the tip. Anyone find it on quicktime, let me know and I'll link that baby up. Directed by Ben Dickinson. Watch the music video (ms). Update: Whoo hoo! Watch the music video (qt).

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