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Do you LOVE Lily Allen? Shamelessly, we hear at cliptip headquarters do. In fact we love Lily so much, we panhandled Lily's people for giveaways so we could share them with you. So, one lucky cliptip viewer with sharp researching abilities and sharper emailing reflexes has a chance to win this fantastical Lily Allen prize pack.

1 LILY ALLEN: Allright, Still album [CD]
1 LILY ALLEN t-shirt [girly fit for a girl or a girlfriend]
1 LILY ALLEN poster
an assortment of sticker and buttons

If I didn't already own the album, I'd probably horde the prize pack for myself. But if you think I'm giving this treasure away for free, your mad as a hatter. I'm gonna make you work. Here's the skill testing question:

>>>Who the hell is Lily Allen's father, why should you know who he is and where have you seen his junk?

Send your answers (with your name and mailing address) to cliptip(at)gmail(dot)com.

Winner to be announce January 30th!

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