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O.LAMM: Aerialist

Do you know O.Lamm? He's a crazy beat technician? Need more? "O.Lamm is odot.lamm, is o.l.lamm, is opoint l., is slow learner, is odot sings. Electronic musician. He likes weird noise, upbeat wizardry, spiraling crawling hooks and pompous melodies. Generates sounds from nothing as much as he kneads natural sounds through the technological prism, his prime purpose simply being to put his idealised vision of pop music into concrete form. In a few words, Olivier uses softwares, love, and snow and blends them to make music." This music video is awesome, from the electronic wizardry to the Mumbleboy drawn visuals. Enjoy this slice from his album entitled " Monolith." Watch the music video (qt).

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