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HOT CHIP: Ready For The Floor

From the forthcoming third long player entitled Made In The Dark (February, folks), Hot Chip are at it again. More blippy pop electro rock with more hypercolour eye popping videos that look like they were wardrobed in the dark. The androgynous sounding lead vocalist with the equally androgynous name, Alexis Taylor, takes on the identity of The Joker, perhaps deliberately orchestrated to cash in on the eminent release of the comic book fanboy cinemagasm, The Dark Knight. Either way, the tune is pleasing enough, with all the signature Hot Chip-isms that will keep hipster brats bittorrenting 'till the RIAA comes a knockin'. Directed by Partizan's Nima Nourizadeh, although probably art directed by a criminal mastermind genius. Watch the music video (qt).

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