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KATE NASH: Pumpkin Soup

Ummm... So I've been missing recently. It's true. Call it a comeback. I don't want to talk to much about it. It's the cliche love-hate relationship one has with a blog. The feelings of obligation, guilt, blog burnout. So what the hell do first post on my return? Pop. Yes. Kate Nash is the pop-xerox on Lily Allen's precocious ska infected phenom. But perhaps not as cute, lippy, triple nippled nor with the Chemical Brother boyfriend, but record labels love duplicating success. And this track does indeed thump. However, it is the pick of the litter as I have nothing to say about the rest of her debut album. The video is directed by Partizan's Kinga Burza and features a Steve Urkel-inspired love interest and a bunch off surreal feline-slash-"visitors" man-sized mascots. Sure it's old. But I've been off for a spell. Happy New Year, all. Watch the music video (qt).

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