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What's a Stroke to do? So you've got a simmering talent that's confounded with a Ross Geller demeanor and a Sideshow Bob hairstyle. So your fancy Swiss education reflexes you to call bullshit when hiptards try to drop pretense. So you band mate is son of some international jail-bait / modeling agency. Does that mean you let the world hold you back? Hell no. And that's exactly what young Albert Hammond, Jr. said to his naysayers. Signed to completely obscure and critically unmonitored record label, Rough Trade, he releases a bitch of a pop album gem, with cartoon allusions, nursery rhyme allegories and some rather tuneful songs to the cuddly hipster set. Patrick Daughters directs the video of this young New Yorker's musical resurrection post a tragic and fatal bicycling accident. For cycling in a vintage light grey three piece suit with white patent leather shoes, is it any wonder why someone ran him off the road leaving him a doe-eyed , decomposing zombie? Watch the music video (qt).

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