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BJÖRK: Earth Intruders

Gawd, I love the internet. While most corporations fear the leak, its possibly the best way to satisfy the incessant buzzing of obsessive music fans. I, along with probably much of the blog-o-sphere, have been quite anxiously awaiting what the Björkster will produce with her forthcoming studio album Volta. And while the constant hand-wringing over her collaborators (notably including LFO's Mark Bell, Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons, Congo's Konono #1, and current supernova beatsmith Timbaland) has generally subsided, the press junkette keeps churning out quirky Bjork media magnetic headlines. This single is a joyous fusion of afro-beat energy, earth conscious lyrics and modern synthetic edge. And while the video has leaked, this one's still worth buying. No matter what, quality gets bought, not stolen. Can't wait for the live show. Directed by French director / animator Michel Ocelot. Watch the music video (mp4).

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