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WTF? Where has cliptip been? Well, after some very heavy heavy consideration, cliptip is moving from its home in bustling Toronto to Montreal! Yes, the past few days of blog absense have been spent with heavy heavy decision making and cliptip will be relocating to Canada's second largest city in the Francophone quarter of Canada. Does this mean more Montreal coverage? Perhaps. Does the mean occasional posts in French? No. Maybe. Well see how quickly I can learn French back. Does this mean more frequent posts? Possibly. But possibly not also. Again, cliptip does not earn a sole income from this video blog, as has gots to take care of business. But do know, on this very day that I announce cliptip's relocation, we have officially stopped futureblogging! Yes indeed! No more posts dated months into the future! Horray! I've got to go pack now...

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