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WOLF PARADE: I'll Believe In Anything

2006 POLARIS PRIZE NOMINEE Remember the days when issues were resolved with pistol duels? When someone offended your honour or your house's honour or looked-at-your-woman-the-wrong-way honour. Bang. Dead. Issue resolved. It was just. Today, we're lucky if we can even get away with a pistol whipping. Well, Montreal love beast Wolf Parade also remember those days. And in partnership with director Matt Moroz (who also directed their multi-headed, lo-budget video debut), they pay tribute to those cracking ole gunfire days of powdered wigs, corsette dresses and when real men wore tights. That's right, I said it. But evidently, sorrow fills this video. The victor bears no satisfaction from these cold blooded yet entirely legal affairs. You can tell this by the bloodless pallor of the richly robed cast, and more tellingly, their unsmiling faces. A beautiful period piece drama impressively laid out for your modern audio contra period visual enjoyment. Just don't tell Sofia. She might pistol whip you. Watch the music video (qt).

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