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Jackie Joyce AKA Helicopter Girl is a Mercury Prize nominated artist with two albums under her belt. The first, entitled How To Steal The World, is a moody and sparingly produced gem of cool blusey, trip-hop beats combines with Helicopter Girl's seductive purr and esoteric, sometimes menacing lyrics. The second album, Voodoo Chic, from which this video is lifted, is a fully produced, some might even say over-produced, pop record that captures some of the initial mystery of her first record, but loosed much of her edge. And while this video has much cross over potential, it would need the marketing budget of a Dido release to catapult it to the mainstream consciousness. Cliptip's advice- land it in a car commercial. The video is directed by the collective known as Burning Vision (founded by James Heath and Gratian Dimech) and is a clear homage to Blue Note records. Watch the music video (qt).

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