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DANIEL AGUST: If You Leave Me Now

Orchestra electronica infused pop from the Icelandic singer/actor/performance artist/really bad dancer (see music video), most popularly know as the former lead singer of Gusgus (the band whose new work I'm salivating for at the moment). This album, which I imported from One Little Indian UK a while back is genuinely beautiful, full of strings, lush landscapes and lyrical poetry very much missing from today's instant gratification pop formula. Will he achieve mainstream success with this album? Probably not. It's bears a sophistication and eccentricity for which North America seems to lack a patience. But while mass appeal eluding, the material is excellent. So perhaps those to which have a pallet for such music will help find themselves picking up a copy and help keep those questing for originality and artistry find an audience through fan support. Ain't the internet grand? Watch the music video (qt).

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