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BECK: Gameboy Homeboy

Blip. Blip blop. 8-Bit remixed version of Que' Onda Guero that does not appear on the Guerolito remix album, but instead on the Gameboy Variations EP. Now, if you've been checking my audioscrobble-vomit you'll notice a high regard for my love of Beck. His new LP in collaboration with Nigel Godrich is being polished for public release imminently and the blog-o-sphere is all a twitter with fake-ass you-tubery videos that I really dont think Beck had anything to do with. In the words of Gob Bluth, I mean C'mon! The record is called The Information, by the way. Alls I can say is, Beck is one of those rare talents with a bloodline of artistic endeavour, a personal mythology of DIY success and failure, as well as being completely irreverent, innovative and multi-disciplinary approach that modern day solo artists can only dream of, and even fewer can compare. Love her or hate her, Bjork is another I hold in this class. Tricky came close but then fizzled like he was kicked in the nutz. Moby is trying and failing. Madonna, in my opinion at least, is more performer than artist. My clue was her assinine lyrics. But hey, just my 2 cents. This video directed by Wyldfile who are E*Rock and Paper Rad. Someone point me to new Beck music videos please? And as always, cliptip favours quicktime. Watch the music video (qt).

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