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Seriously, someone please send this woman to rehab. That crazy beehive hairdo she's been sporting is looking mighty nappy these days, like she's been rolling around in the gutters of East London sucking the remnant droplets from discarded bottles of lager. And even when she's slumming around town in a dressed-down wife-beater, she is always on with that liquid liner Cleopatra eyes business. It's really really important that we help her get back to sober because she's gotta be in top form for her appearance at the Toronto Island Virgin Music Festival gig. The sixties swing soul production of this Mark Ronson produced single is nicely complimented by the video direction of Phil Griffin. By the way, her first album, entitled Frank, is now officially available in the USA these days, unless you already picked in up on import. Good stuff, but it ain't Mr. Ronson's magic touch. Watch the music video (qt).

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