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TWO HOURS TRAFFIC: Stuck For The Summer

You're probably wonder why there has been so little action at cliptip the past week. Well, I have been pretty sick. So sick I've been sucking down the prescription codeine like a whore at midnight. Cough Cough. In addition, I will have to send my powerbook to the men they call Mac Geniuses today to get some some hardware fixed. Needless to say there may be some sloooow action for the next couple of days too. And the thing that really pisses me off is that it's summer. And summer is so fleeting in Montreal. So precious and so rapidly fleeting. Soon it will be dark and cold. Here's one of my indie pop favourites from Prince Edward Island. It's a tiny province in Canada (the tiniest) and this song is so instantly infectious that I hope you love it too. But not bad infectious like my malicious chronic bronchitis. That's the devil's work infectious. Delightly rustic video directed by the incomporable Yael Stav. Watch the music video (qt).

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