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BOB DYLAN: When The Deal Goes Down

Herbert tips me to this amazing new single from the legendary Bob Dylan, a perfect respite for this Labour Day long weekend. There's something instantly classic about this wonderful country blues lullaby, even though it's new work from his recently released Modern Times (his 44th album). Dylan's warm soulful croon, the smoky, intimate ambiance of the studio production, and his inviting, reflective lyrics continue to earn him distinguished critical praises. Combined with the music is a wonderful cinematic music video, a visual postcard from nostalgic times past, expertly crafted by the hand of director Bennett Miller. Perhaps best know for his direction of the recent feature film, Capote, in which Philip Seymor Hoffman won the Best Actor Oscars for his portray of the title character, Miller showcases the elegant beauty of one of Hollywood's most accomplished young actresses, Scarlett Johansson, interspersed with imagery from Dylan's earlier career in the 60's. Watch the music video (qt).

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