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PARIS HILTON: Stars Are Blind

Gossip bitch Perez Hilton lands the (painfully low-res) exclusive on the brand new, wait for it, yes, music video of the worlds most loathed socialite, Paris Hilton. Paris, you're worth millions, get a fucking website. The above title link goes to your wikipedia page, which is the equivalent of Canal Street "Louis Vuitton" handbag. That tired repeat offending nipple slip is edited out for the current sanitary state of American puritism. This, depsite the fact that 99% of Americans with internet access has seen her night-visioned coochie. Regretfully, I cannot say I hate the song, which surprising is adequately well sung, mature in composition and bears a breezy reggae feel in time for the summer. Deep down, I think we were all hoping for a supremely ambitious, gargantuan music career failure a la Victoria Beckham or Naomi Campbell. On principle, the fact that Paris Hilton has a record is an adequate summary of all that is wrong about American celebrity worship. Starfuckers! Watch the video (qt).

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