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OAKENFOLD: Faster Kill Pussycat

Guess what screeching global techno circuit party has returned to its city of origins since halted years ago due to legal and financial quagmire? Yes, friends, das ist korrekt. As the website proudly proclaims, the Love is Back- Berlin sees the Love Parade go storming through is causeways once again with all manner of vile repetitive beats and glowstick-twirling jaw-grinders. Well, such cause celeb must be enjoyed with the finest of technomusicality. Poised to reclaim the title of circuit master after his DJ set at Coachella, Paul Oakenfold has enlisted none other than Hollywoods finest white-trash typecast, Brittany Murphy, to add her surprisingly good vocals to this lead single from his forthcoming sophomore album. I have to admit, I was very pleasantly surprised by how spry the single is and how much I bopped my head to it. But then again, I have admitted to enjoying the new Nelly Furtado single as well and that throws my credibility in serious jeopardy. Now, DANCE! Watch the video (qt - stream).

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