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NELLY FURTADO: Promiscuous

Well, I finally made my way back to civilization and am here to entertain you, once again, with scoured videos, found sounds, and all too jibbery blib blab. In my week or so of vacancy, I hope I did not miss too much web action, so tipsters welcome. Here's one that's been making quite a stir: snacky Canadian songbird, Ms. Furtado if you're nasty, has returned to poptastic form in collaboration with ace hip-hop producer and occasional MC, Timbaland. This is one hell of a track and I am not ashamed to say so. All you haters, hate on. Cause I like this song. And yes, that is Justin Timberlake making a cameo. Directed by Mr. X. Watch the video (flash). Download the video. UPDATED video (qt - stream). UPDATED video (qt).

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