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*COACHELLA* Madonna issues an apology statement for the following: 1) trying to bring back the queen-of-the-desert-camel-toe leotard as casual wear, 2) scalping Farrah Fawcett and fashioning herself a feathered blonde meat hat 3) threating to white lady krump during her new tour, 4) crashing typically indie- and emerging-band centric Coachella morphing it into a slithering glittering pop spectacle, and consequently tipping the balance of patchouli honky dredlockers, slouch pantsed skate kids and vintage full lengh corduroy pants a-baking-in-the-sun hipsters balance towards the rimless euro-sunglass sporting, ckone spritzed androgynous club kids set. I envision a Jets vs. Sharks West Side Story style show down. I can't wait. The video is directed by Jamie King. Watch the video (qt - stream).

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