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KANYE WEST: Heard'em Say

This post is a composite of contradictions. First off, the music is by Kanye West, a presence so powerful, both indie scensters and hip-hop heads admire in equal reverence. The plinky piano riff is real nice. Then there's Adam Levine singing the chorus, currently of much maligned soul-pop band, Maroon 5. Maroon 5 are so hated by cred seeking hipster kids that it is a wonder Kanye would touch him with a broomstick. The inside dither is that Adam was passed around record label offices for a bankable music project more times than Tara Reid at a casting-slash-sobriety test. And lastly, the incomporable Michel Gondry directs so you know the playful imaginative video will astonish and perplex. So the awesome powers of Kanye and Michel neutralize the presense of Adam. Or maybe, Adam is cool... or maybe I'm more drunk than Tara. Watch the video (qt).

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