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Another music video from the mega producer. This one was prompted by my recent attending of the Justin Timberlake concert in Montreal (who would turn down free tickets?) where Timbo made a guest appearance. In fact he played a set of mashed up singles he produced including Nelly Furtado, Aaliyah and Missy Elliott. He also played a reworked version of this video with vocals by D.O.E. and Keri Hilson and featuring eighties hyperdelic kaleidoscope effects and coochie aerobic wear. I actually prefer that tongue-in-cheek version than this official one, which falls very much into the glamourized slick hip hop music video realm. No disrespect to director Shane Drake, who does a great job in creating a polished blinger of a video. I just found the concert version to be more in line with both the lyrics and the early zeitgeist of colourful rap stylee when guns and ice grills were less the obsession. Watch the music video (qt).

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