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Oh boy. Here comes the waves of hype like a freaking tidal wave. The fine London purveyors of New Rave (I know, it just sounds manufactured by overzealous music journalists) are on the precipice of kicking down some hip youth demographic myspacian threshold of critical and more-relevant-than-thou success. And by success, I mean shifting a bunch of CD's via Urban Outfitters and the rest being file shared through MP3 blogs and the like. And while the music is an interesting mash-up of white rock, electro and punk genres, it's ultimate test will be how it fares with that fickle North American audience, which has become so fractured and unrecognizable to mainstream programmers, they tragically default to tried and true (i.e. bankable) pap such as blingy hip-hop R&B, and expired alt-rock regurge from the mid-90's. This literally eye-bleeding video is directed by Saam. Watch the music video (qt).

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