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BENNY BENASSI: Satisfaction

This classic foam party club anthem is going out to our porn loving friends at Fleshbot. Although it is strictly softcore (it is both SFW and NSFW depending which side of the Atlantic you live on), it is in celebration of the sexed up netizens seeking digital carnal thrills by which that unblinking pink Fleshbot eye was so gracious in sending this way. If you caught the season's debut of America's Next Top Model (I swear I was channel surfing), you will know that, according to one contestant, stripping is close cousins with modeling. Just like pornography is close cousins with music videos. Well, not really. This video, directed by Dougal Wilson, is a fine example of that crossover potential. My personal favour touch is the steel toe lucite platform heel the ladies wear on the the construction site. Mmmmmmm..... jubblies + powertools = ultimate milkshake. Watch the music video (qt).

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