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The cliptip podcast has been rocking the few savvy subscribers who knew how to hook it up in iTunes. Those peeps were able to download the majority of cliptip's featured music videos straight to the their own hard drive to watch, rewatch and general enjoy when a internet connect to the cliptip website was not available. Those even savvier know how to import those videos directly to their iPods for portable cliptip podrocking. But today's tutorial will walk those new to the whole podcasting phenomenon on how to set themselves up in 3 easy steps.

STEP 1: Make sure you have iTunes. Download the latest version here. Install it and then launch iTunes!

STEP 2: Go back to your web-browser on the cliptip page. See that image to the on this post? See the corresponding image on top right hand side of the blog? More your cursor over to it and right click on it (PC) or ctrl + click on it (Mac) and select "copy link" from the drop down menu.

STEP 3: Back to iTunes! Click on the "'Advanced" menu and select "Subscribe to Podcast". When it the window opens up, select 'paste' into the URL box and click OK. You're done!

Now, you can adjust your podcast settings so that everything a podcast friendly cliptip music video is posted, you should be able to automatically save it to your computer. So easy! Enjoy!

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