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What the fuck is going on? Is cliptip traffic down? Has someone hacked into the cliptip server and punk'd the site? Is Earnest being forced to blog at gunpoint? Well no. I just happen to like this track. And you know you do as well. Give me a break if all you dirty Cobrasnake baiting hipsters from Williamsburg to Shoreditch to Parkdale to The Mission don't be downing the last of the Pabst Blue-Ribbon and heading to the dancefloor whenever Steve Aoki drops the needle this record. And when he mashes it with the MSTRKRFT remix of Annie? Man, the kids just loose it. Production creds go to Mr. Timbaland, who has apparently recorded 7 tracks with Bjork's tangental return to the marginally mainstream. It's also nice to see former Mouseketeer Justin aping rock-and-roll badboy with desperate PR releases on how bad-ass he really is. The video is directed by Michael Haussman. Shut up you love this. Watch the video (qt).

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