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SNOW PATROL: Chasing Cars

Alright, confession time. I occasionally watch evening tv dramas. Sunday nights. I am so ashamed. But, balanced with some mindless entertainment, I think the music programmers on ABC's Grey's Anatomy are pretty cool. The music they feature balances recognizable pop charters as well as a whole gammut of emerging artists and showcases them to a really wide audience. This heart-wrenching ballad from a favoured Irish quintet was featured in their season finale. I had to choke back the tears as they exited off that psychotic yet hopelessly in love Dr. Izzy Eyecandy while this track played. Finally a proper music vide is released. Directed by Icelanders Arni and Kinski (formerly of Gusgus), it is simple, rich in warm and cooling colours, exactly like the the song. Watch the video (qt).

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