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This is a splintering track and video from the French pachyderm. You probably recognize the song from the iPod Nano commercial, but now a more artistic interpretation of the electro house single has come to light. From discussion with directors Alex and Liane: "The band actually got in touch with us directly via our Myspace page and we started a dialogue in broken English with them. There were two main things that the band wanted us to include in our idea; 1) To work with the choreographer Mathilde Monnier who is based in their home town of Montpellier. We Already knew Mathilde's work and immediately into it. 2) To somehow represent the "cubicle" idea visually. In the context of Music television, it made sense for us to present the dancers as a fake band. We liked the idea of channel hoppers thinking it's a performance video, then getting something else. We used to be in an arts collective and knew that the group dynamics theme was a rich source of the kind of tension that the song expresses." Brilliant, glimmering satire. Watch the video (qt).

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