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WOLFMOTHER: White Unicorn

*COACHELLA* I have gone wolf crazy. Australian rock anthem freaks Wolfmother hail from Sydney and are signed to the same label as electro siblings Cut Copy and The Presets. But do not be mistaken, Wolfmother sounds not electro, but like the Darkness without the high sheen unitards and thinning hair drama, cross bred with Black Sabbath without the bat head eating. Now, if that conjures images of images straggled backcombing you will be pleasantly suprised that the three piece is actually fair clean cut. Except lead singer Andrew Stockdale has a muffin-fro a la Sideshow Bob. Because the track is so good, you won't be distracted it. Much. Edits and psychedelic post effects tweaked by Kris Moyes. Watch the video (qt).

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