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THE FLAMING LIPS: The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

No, it's not a tribute to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Freak indie rock heroes The Flaming Lips are set to drop another progressive indie gem on shoegazing set with the album At War With The Mystics. I've always had a very slow growing appreciation of the Flaming Lips, finding their music meandering and foolishly whimsical. Granted, once past the lullaby exterior, Wayne Coyne's bloodied white suit uniform and outrageousness of their stage persona, there's a real quality to the songwriting that is undeniable. This video takes the old joke of tying a pork chop around a kids neck just so the dog will play with him to another space cadet, signature Flaming Lips level. I'm waiting to seem how many listens before my compulsions bring me to actually pick up this new record... Until then, watch the video (qt - stream).

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