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PIZAZZ: Pizazz (Gonna Give It To Ya!)

I don't even know where to begin... This little niblet of electro pop, ultra camp, nightmare inducing effluent is... actually kinda... really good. It's so gay that it goes beyond gay into a bizarro world inhabited by neon coloured gerbils and latex hot pants. The doe-eyed singer looks as though he was offered cheese-lined, organ-grinder stardom in exchange for multiple rounds of forceful sodomy. With songs titled "Ass To Mouth", "Enna-Me, Enna-U" and "Peg Me With Ur Luv" I really don't think I'm jumping to conclusions.The video has flavour of the week written all over it, but... it's like watching a train derailing into a field of sleeping cows. Watch the video (qt).

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