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M.I.A.: Galang 05

Oh the horror. Oh the dreaded horror. This week has not been a great week for me. Recent video concepts are really boring me with trotted out "band playing in a cool looking studio" story boards that, frankly, have dampened my motivation to keep pace. But this is the latest offense. Let me preface this by saying I love M.I.A. I don't care if people think she is a faux Tamil Sri Lankan really a privaleged London art-schooled marketing confection. I can look past the fact that her live shows are DAT playbacks. That's because the music is fresh, innovative and, in my opinion, rather good. But to go as far as ca$hing in on a Honda TV commercial? Oh, Maya- we gotta talk some shit real fast. Watch the re-released for 2005 video (real).

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