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The other day I was introduced to a new categorization - the concept called "the coolser". Essentially, it's the idea of the cool loser, that kind of loner, outsider guy with the great vintage pants, killer collection of 45's and a book collection of hipster essentials marred only by a fanaticism for comic books, obsure film references and a temperment blighted by extreme, unpredictable mood swings. The Weakerthans are a little indie band from Winnipeg (yes, Winnipeg!) that has an unnatural cult following among university campus radio, which, in all probability, is largely linked to their "coolser" appeal. Lyrically, frontman John K. Samson deals with such issues as "alienation, hope, and survival within a society riddled with injustice and a culture commodified in every possible way." It all bears the air of caffeine fueled, salon-styled roundtable pretense that will get you laid only until academic probation kicks you off campus. The Benjamin Weinstein directed video possesses awesome kitch power. Watch the video (qt).

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