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I was a huge fan of the Raveonette's first EP, Whip It On. Dogme in style with all tracks clocking in at under 3 minutes and in b flat, the band exhibited a self imposed discipline that exuded not only mystery but shaolin style mastery akin to a kung fu warrior battling a gang of foes with one arm tied behind his back. Then came the sunshiney pop twist of Chain Gang Of Love, when b flat switch to b sharp and things all got a little Ronnie Spector. Now the third collection, Pretty In Black, arrives without a definite angle. Rockabilly blues? Not quite. Summery electro pop? Only in moments. There are gems on this album for sure, but the collection as a whole is without the strict thematic constraints that make the whole seem lacking of that signature sharpness and differentiation. Watch the video (qt).

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