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I was hoping to avoid this track altogether. Like it never happened. Ever. Sort of like a deep repressed memory of say, a childhood encounter with an eccentric pop singer and one too many bottles of Jesus Juice. But alas, due to popular demand, most likely to mock viciously in the comment section or perhaps to test my resolve in abstaining from music videos of questional merit, the video appears. Oh, look how I buckle. Buckle I might, but I refuse to lower myself to hyper-criticism. You can say what you will of this *cough* career lowpoint *cough* lead single from Ms. Stefeni-Rossdale's forthcoming new solo album. Alls I'm going to say is it's produced by The Neptunes, the video is directed by Sophie Muller and there are nuns in aviators sunglasses. I refuse to acknowledge the yodelling. Podcast the music video (qt - mercifully podcast only).

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