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DEICHKIND: Ich Beteuebe Mich

Hamburg's Deichkind is notorious in their native Germany for their quote "insane live shows." This single is titled, translated to English, "I sedate myself" or "I get wasted." And once you listen, I don't think will be able to disagree. When I corresponded with directors AlexandLiane, they had this to say about this astonishingly awesome video: "The featured singer (Sarah Walker) represents a party girl who is only interested in hedonistic pursuits, whilst the band play the role of a "moral mind police" trying to exercise her brain back to sobriety. Actually, we've been wanting to shoot something in this location for a while. It's a strange converted zepplin hangar just outside of Berlin which has been turned into a Tropical Island. We had thrown several different concepts at various bands but we're glad this one worked out because the band were open for being quite bonkers with the idea. We shot it on old beta cams and transferred it to NTSC in the end. Just in case you didn't notice, the bodybuilder is fake...the singer's real body is more on the rotund side. We had fun making it, so glad you like it!" This one you won't want to miss. Watch the music video (qt).

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