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The Toronto Star [via Chromewaves] reports that Massive Attack has pulled out of their Sunday night slot at the Virgin Music festival due to complications with obtaining US work visas. While it's strange that US visas has deterred them from playing their two shows in Canada (Toronto and Montreal), I suppose the economics of it all had to be the deciding factor. Strange mixed feelings on my end, since I recently saw them play live months ago at Coachella, another great festival in the USA, and they played one hell of a powerful set. So, it would have been amazing to seem them again against the backdrop of the Toronto skyline. Oh shucks. The replacement band? None other than hometowners Broken Social Scene. This video, featuring vocals by Sinead O'Connor, is directed by H5 and outlines a sterile, cold outlook on biotechnology and human reproduction. Or maybe I feel it's cold because it's utterly sexless. Watch the music video (qt).

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