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THE BRAVERY: Unconditional

New York preeners The Bravery pout and pose their way into our shallow little hearts with this video of unconditional rockstardom. I've been deliberate in avoiding the whole The Bravery vs The Killers bruhaha (oh baby, it is real, bring it on!). But with the much polished re-release of this track (the UK video shown here is much more bling), I will weight the following facts for your consideration:
  • The Bravery singer Sam Endicott's maudlin hair affectation vs The Killers singer Brandon Flowers dandy use of eyeliner and unmasculine costumery. POINT: The Killers
  • The Bravery's downtown hipsterati New York address vs The Killers' Las Vegas strip malls and strippers sprawl. POINT: The Bravery
  • The Bravery's super indie record label vs The Killers totally underground record label. POINT: none awarded
  • The Bravery's painfully dismal stage presence vs The Killers 'practicing' Mormon lead singer. POINT: too tough to call
  • The coincidental Hipster Band 101 use of "The" in naming their respective bands. POINT: negative one bazillion each
  • Conclusion: Both bands are as genuine as processed cheese slices. Watch the video (win).

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